Launchpad Program

About the program

A 90 days program designed to successfully launch your entrepreneurial journey. Over the course of this program experienced entrepreneurs, mentors and investors will help you convert your idea into an execution road map, fine-tune the existing business plan, and create a go to market strategy.
In a series of mentoring sessions, pre-recorded videos, assignments and various other tools systematically designed by experts, you will be able to transform your ideas into a real business. By the end of this program you may end up being qualified for an investment, find a co-founder or a team, attract various business support services from our partners/investors.

Who should join?

Early stage startups, young entrepreneurs at the bootstrap stage and students with an exciting idea to work upon. Rather than your age, more important is your willingness to work hard, passion for your dreams and some fundamental skills.
We believe entrepreneurs don’t have any religion, cast or gender. So don’t worry about that.
If you are here for the right reasons, we welcome you aboard.

Selection Procedure

Once, you apply, there is a 21 days selection procedure. During this period, you will be required to complete some pre-designed courses, assignments and some practical tasks/results to achieve. All this is designed to check if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.
The selection procedure will ensure you learn some mandatory fundamental skills. Each task, assignment, lesson completed will add credits to your account. At the end top 30 participants who scored maximum credits will be invited into the 90 days Launchpad Program.
And don’t worry. Our team is always there to support you and answer any question you may have. Do reach out to them here.
And you know the best part? Even if you do not qualify for the ultimate program, you will end up learning so much during the selection procedure itself.
We wish you all the best. Go for it!.

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Our Team

Behind every flourishing organisation is a team of hardworking and dedicated people. Here's ours..

Anil Chhikara

Anil is a well-regarded startup mentor in the Indian startup ecosystem and a TEDx speaker. Anil was the anchor judge for Haywards 5000 Haunslay ki Udaan, India’s First Startup Reality TV Show and the official startup coach for The Vault Show, India’s answer to Shark Tank. Anil is admired for his outspoken no-nonsense views about the startups and the ecosystem.

Sam Baisla

Sam is a Serial Entrepreneur. He mentors, coaches and trains Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Trainers in growing their Personal Brands using Linkedin and other Social Media platforms. He is the Founder and CEO of Brand Samosa - an innovative Digital Marketing Agency & is also the Founder & CEO of NEXEL World.

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